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Hey sorry with all the questions im going to go visit the doctor on my 35th day if im still late..

I've taken two pregnancy tests after ive been late for my period and both have come up negative..

Yesterday i went to the toliet and urinated and when i wiped a bit of bright red sort of brownish was on the toliet paper?

I'm just wondering is this a sign of pregnancy? My periods are usually irregular.. Today im 6 days late on monday i'm going to take another home pregnancy test and then on tuesday i'm going to go to the doctors and get a pee test done there if im still negative.. Just wondering could i be pregnant? I don't feel any different or anything ive had a few cramps..

Thanks in advanced i really appreciate all your help


I had unprotected sex but the next day i started my period it was no supposed to come for another 2 weeks.