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HI. My period is about 6/7 days late, I've taken three home pregnancy tests two were negative and one had a very faint line. I have had the following symtoms: Brest tenderness, extreme fatigue, mild back pain, mild nausea, and my sense of smell has increased.  I didn't notice any of these until my boyfriend mentioned it. Should I wait a few days and test again. Is it normal to have a negative test even after a missed period and still be pregnant? %-)


It sounds like you're pregnant! This is what I've been told by doctors, many other women, and have learned from my own experience. A faint positive is STILL a positive. As far as the other ones are concerned, did you take them all at the same time? Could you of taken them too late in the day, or drinken too much water that might dilute the HTC in your system? You have to take things like that into  consideration. Was the one positive test the same brand as all the others? Some home pregnancy tests are able to pick up the smallest traces of HTC (the pregnancy hormone) in your system easier than others. Sometimes, it takes some women's bodies longer than other to start building up that pregnancy hormone. So it's completely possible for you to have a negative test, missed period and still be pregnant! The hormones in your system just haven't reached high enough levels of detectability.  Since you have at least one positive, I would call and make an appointment with your primary physician or doctor and ask to schedule a urine test and blood test. Some urine tests aren't as sensitive as an HPT, but a blood pregnancy test is MUCH more accurate, and can pick up on the smallest traces of HTC in your system, if any. Good luck and keep me posted!