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Its seem bit common when I see other people have pimples like me on their chest and back, but unlike facial pimples they don't fade away. They seem to be bumps under the skin waiting to explode and once it does you squeeze out dried fluid like regular pimples. Is there any treatment for this?


I think you're observing that your skin has a tendency to collect puss or a secretion so that it backs up and is not watery or fluid, but pasty when you "express it".

The basic treatment for any pimple or acne is to wash regularly with soap and water, and remove the oils that can clog pores.

This is also true to deep pores that you MAY be describing as clogging.

If you are developing a continual infection or festering situation, you'll want to call this to the attention of your family doctor, or perhaps to a dermatologist. I don't think you'll get to a dermatologist without a referal, but it would start with a visit to your doctor or at least a medical clinic for the condition to be seen.

You also haven't told us your age, your hygenic habits or if you've done anything to cause this condition. All this could be important.