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I had a facelift/necklift and blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelids) 4 weeks ago in Malaysia. At this stage here is where I'm at.

Upper eyelids - one eyelid is bigger than the other - this was evident 3 or so days after surgery and still is the same now. The Dr said that this should even out but I am very concerned about this. Has this happenend to anyone else - and did it rectify?

Lower eyelids - they are both still swollen - one side more than the other. It is still very obvious and I can only go out with sunglasses.

I have chemosis (white of eye lifted up like a blister) In both eyes which does not look good and can be very uncomfortable. If you've had chemosis how long did it take to rectify?

My cheeks are still swollen - one side more than the other and looks like my cheeks are filled with food. When I smile my whole face looks tight - I can't smile properly on one side and my eyes puff up (due to swelling and tightness of lower lids).

When I wake up in the morning the upper part of my face still swells up pretty bad - by afternoon this goes down somewhat (I sleep elevated on my back).

As for the scars around my ears - very hard to explain. One ear looks reasonable at the front, but at the back he didn't cut in the crease (so when he sewed it back it is obviously seen from behind when hair is up.

The other ear looks OK from the back, but at the front it isn't good. There is an obvious crease (or seam) between the ear and my face. I do not know if this will flatten out.

I am quite distressed that I will not be able to wear my hair up for a long time (or ever). I explained to the surgeon that I have to wear my hair up in a bun for work.

I am due back to work tomorrow and am scared to go. At the moment my face looks different - particularly when I smile (and as I am usually a happy person this is going to happen) and I don't want to go back to work. And I don't also want to quit my job over this. I am worried that my face could take another month to look normal (if at all).

Would love to hear from people who had similar work done with similar results - and their outcomes.

Thanks very much


I suggest you change your hair style. I am 2 weeks post op and wear a wig that is exactly the same color as my hair and people focus on my hair and tell me how great I look. I picked a style that is mid neck length and covers my ears completely and the sides of my cheeks, so the swelling is not noticeable. I also told people at work that I was having minor elective surgery, but did not elaborate. Men are afraid to ask, and women are polite, but curious. Everything you describe is normal and will all heal; it takes more time, like 3 months to get 80% healed and longer. Be patient.

If people ask if you have lost weight, say yes, even if you haven't as facelifts make you look thinner in the face.

I have several wigs and even my husband has a hard time figuring out when I am wearing one, because they are all so close in color to my natural hair.




Fat and muscle are raised up during a face lift. After mine, my face looks fuller.


I am one year out ant totally happy with the healing and results.