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Ok, I think a lot of people are being a little judgemental and stamping their personal morale code onto answers. So, with that in mind, Having sex before you body is finished with puberty might not be the greatest idea due to chemical/hormonal changes that are still going on. Also it's where that huge sudden drive is coming from that you probably didn't have 6 years ago. However dear young ones, (Please note I'm only 23 so... I'm not really that old my self.) I've been in a relationship for almost 4 years now, and it also happens to be my first relationship. Anyway I was going to say you guys are doing great asking questions, and please don't take the rebuttals too seriously. Instead continue to learn, ask questions and read about the topic. Not just pregnancy but I'd suggest topics on how sexuality works biologically. It's silly especially on the internet to try and say anything like "No what you are doing is wrong." After all I'm sure you've heard it from actual people with actual voices, and that didn't really stop you. So instead go the other route, and try and research these effects, so that after sex you don't find your self for the next 2 to 3 weeks going "Oh my gosh, am I pregnant?" Abstaining from sex is surely the easiest way to avoid all the risks. But if you've chosen not to Abstain, Information is the best way to avoid the risks, not acting like there's some sort of mythology or mysticism to getting pregnant, as for all of you adults that are coming off like these kids are degenerates, or problem makers because of the fact their having sex, "Shame on you." You obviously don't remember what it's like to have hormones come in, and literally change the way you feel, and think. Also times are in fact changing. Sex is happening more and more often at earlier ages, the Abstinence programs do not appear to be working. Don't you think perhaps actual education on sexuality would be more productive then looking at a teenager and saying "Don't do that!" and then nodding to your self, Job well done? Yeah I'm just saying these youngsters as it were, arn't entirely to blame. The fact that most people's sex talks, cover mostly abstinence and that's about it is sad.

Anyway, that's why I think there are so many sad stories of despondent teens who are pregnant, without anywhere to really turn, because they somehow become ostracized due to a mistake that apparently can happen super easy. And please don't forgot that young guys also can reap serious repercussions from such actions. Sure they don't end up pregnant, but that doesn't mean their life can't/won't turn into a living hell after a unintended pregnancy. I guess that's really all I have for now.

Also adults, let's not throw our religious views into this, that's not what they're asking about. And while you may well believe that because of religion, your one way is the only way, remember, your not supposed to force others to submit, but merely lead by example. Help don't judge.

OK rant over. Love for everyone

Jacob Gates

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Oh no, I'm very sorry, this was supposed to go into the precum get you pregnant topic. I didn't mean to start a new one.