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I need help from this community.

A few days ago, while I was eating an apple sudden redness on my face occurred. At first moment I panicked and suspected on some serious skin conditions. But, after some time, food allergy comes to mind. I really hope it's the cause of my face redness, but I want to be sure. How can I determine the cause with the highest accuracy? Must I go to the dermatologist? What do you suggest?

Just to point out, this is the first time ever redness happened. I ate apples and apple products many times before. That's why I'm so confused. Can the allergy appear all of a sudden?


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Hello, May.

I think it's unlikely that allergy is cause of your problem.

From your description it sounds like rosacea. But, to be sure, you must go to your dermatologist immediately. Only he/she can rule out allergies, as well. 

As for rosacea, beside face redness usually it's followed by broken blood vessels or small red lumps and irritated eyes. Rosacea is chronic condition, so you must thinkover did you experience any of these symptoms before. If so, point out that to your dermatologist.

Hope you will find a solution for your problem.