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Hi everyone! I rly need help in finding what is wrong with me. I dont have any health insurance and im going crazy trying to figure out i should d

2 years ago i was I was told I had Gallstones, bad ones at that. About 6 mo later i lost my health insurance so I nvr went for the surgery.

About 6 months ago my right arm started feeling really sore and was really painfull just to lift above my head. the about 1 month later my neck on my right side started hurt (like a constant cramp) then 1 mo later my right side of back started hurting and wed morning I woke up and my lung on the right side felt like someone was squeezing it. It felt real tight on the whole right side inside my rib cage. It still hurts (today is thurs)
I have never felt any pain in stomach or back since i was told i had gall stones, (i know some people say im rly tough not to feel them but its true )
I have read it could be an Inflamed Gallbladder. Has anyone that has had gallstones ever felt pain in there liver or in the back on right side?
I dont feel sick or nausiated I dont feel sharp pains just a constant feeling of my left lung being squeezed and a tiny bit of shortness of breath.

any ideas what this could be?

Thanks in advance


Well, I dont know much, but I do know that since you don't feel sick, it isn't your heart. My mom was a paramedic and told me that one time i had bad chest pains on the left side. I would say yes, your gall bladder could be inflammed causing pressure on your lung. I don't know why you have pain on the right side, my pain was always on the left or in the middle. I had my gall bladder out last Feb, but didn't have stones or anything it just wasn't working right. I know you lost your insurance, but hunny, if its life or death, and it sounds like its getting really serious, go anyway! Most hospitals have financial aid that you can apply for... I did and most of my stuff was paid for.


ty so much for your reply, I got the information about it being my gallbladder googling. I also forgot to add that my arm and neck doesnt hurt anymore. But I will definitly look into some hospitals while at work today about there insurance.