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Hi doctor,

i am 30 yrs old staying in India.Though i have visited couple of specialists

like kidney,intestine,digestion related many doctors over here.

I am suffering from this problem since year back.I am having a problem of passings stool. Every morning i need to struggle to get pressure.i need 2 take
medicine regularly for motion and in early morning lots of water to get the pressure and then a need to sit in the toilet for 1n hour or more sometimes to finish my stuff..

And if i don't get it cleared then i don't feel hungry for nything .it seems my stomach is filled up.i don't find any inetrest for having food.

Because of this problem everyday i become late for office.And also coninuing medicine regularly ,its affecting my i m reallly bore of this problem..

So kindly help me out.

Thanking u with Love



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The only way to make your stool softer, so it could pass normally is to change your eating habits, introduce a lot of fiber, even if it means taking fiber supplements and drinking a lot of water-2-3 liters a day. I have to say you are lucky you don’t have hemorrhoids!

You will also have to start exercising regularly and moving a lot throughout the day.

You didn’t say if you were male or female, if you were taking any medications, if there are chances you were pregnant because all of these things can cause constipation.

If muscles in your digestive tract are two weak, they won’t be able to move the waste and your colon will absorb all the water and won’t leave anything for the stool to soften. It will become hard and it won’t be able to move.

You need to learn more about foods that are high in fiber and introduce them into your diet and you need to drink a lot of water with excessive fiber intake. If you don’t drink enough water and you do eat a lot of fiber foods, you may still end up constipated.