I am going through this as well. I am only 19 years old and have been dating this guy for a year now and am currently 6 months pregnant with his child. I have been told that he has had a drinking problem for many years WAY before i met him, i didnt understand what people meant by "drinking problem" until after a few months. He tried quiting on his own quite a few times at the very begining. He'd get a few days here, 2 weeks there, but always found a reason to go get another bottle. He would drink from morning til afternoon, pass out, then wake up and instantly start back up again and that would last into the late hours of the night. It was constantly argueing. He would constantly blaim me for EVERYTHING including his problem. He would cry about wanting and needing help but when it came down to actually doing it he would back out and just go drink once again. He has been in and out of jail at least 3 times since January when I called him in because I got so frightened by him, but we werent at home and he took off in his van, and got a DUI. He had to spend weekends in jail because he has gotten in trouble SO many times. Well he decided he was going to drink before going in and got a probation violation and they gave him 18 months in county. He got lucky and the judge decided that 2 months in jail was enough and he is now currently in a treatment program. He has finally realized the extent and severity of his problem and is now taking it seriously. I'm hoping and praying that he sticks to this, he says that he has to be sober now for the sake of mine and his relationship, the future of our little boy, and for his own lifes sake. I am know reading Al-anon books and attending at least 1 group a weeks, plus attending the family group with him on visitation days. I have found it very helpful. I grew up til i was 5-6 years old with both my parents drinking so I kinda recognized a lot of the actions. Its a very hard thing to go through, and the recovery is even longer. All you can do is try to support them. But one thing i have learned is you can not help them, until they are willing to help themselves, and even then they are still pretty well on their own. Just stand your ground and dont let them control you! Dont take any abuse, walk away for a while if need be and see what happens.