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I was diagnosed with Prurigo Nodularis last month. I have skin occlusions all over my body. If I pick or scratch at them they become worse. They bleed very easily and scar. I have had this for about 2 years and couldn't figure out what it was. Just recently a skin doctor diagnosed it. He told me to put tape over them for 3 weeks straight, only changing the tape once a day. I did this with the worse ones and it got rid of them, but the tape irritated me so bad and have actually left tape marks that are still there! I generally have this on my back and arms. The bumps feel like there is a scab on them and the scab is similar in shape. I feel like they are bugs and they itch a lot! I've checked my bedding and bedroom, but can't find any evidence for bugs. Please help! Its a nightmare! Thanks.:)


Try treating for ringworm.  It's a fungal infection.  Do you have cats?