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I have been puking almost every day since the summer now and been to the hospital twice for it. They did X-Rays and found nothing, I've had an ultrasound done and nothing showed there either. Now I have big black specs and occasionally larger chunks of black in my spit/vomit. I have smoked for 5 years, and am just starting quitting today. I also smoke marijuana almost every day. Does anyone have any suggestions to figure out what is causing the non-stop vomiting and nausea feelings? Any advie would be greatly appreciated as I'm only 17 and in too much pain to go anywhere but bed, the couch, and the computer. Thanks a million.


That sounds terrible. The black specks might be blood. Is it possible you've got a stomach ulcer? You really need to go back to the doctor and they might need to do an endoscopy on you to see what's going on. (My friend had one and they sedated her so she didn't remember a thing about it). Honestly - if you don't feel better soon, you need to get checked out more thoroughly.

Well done quitting smoking. Please let us know how you are.