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:-( I have small red (pimple) type bumps with no opening on my feets on the side ankles and two on right upper hand near pinky finger and it itching like crazy when it first comes out after itching it swallon like big but after few days it only itchy time after time. I am taking claritin 24 hour. it stops itching for 24 hours. but does come back I cant find the cause of this itching problem please help........................................


Dermatitis (eczema) is inflammation of the upper layers of the skin, causing itching, blisters, redness, swelling, and often oozing, scabbing, and scaling.

Known causes include contact with a particular substance, certain drugs, varicose veins, constant scratching, and fungal infection.

Typical symptoms include a red itchy rash, blisters, pimples, open sores, oozing, crusting, and scaling.

The diagnosis is typically based on symptoms and confirmed by results of patch tests or skin samples or the presence of suspected drugs, irritants, or infection.

Avoiding known irritants and allergens reduces the risk of dermatitis.

Treatment depends on the cause and the specific symptoms.

Get checked out if symptoms persist.