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Recently I started noticing that my foreskin became tighter than normal. I am usually able to slide the skin back with no problem. If I am flaccid I am able to retract it with no pain but do notice that when I retract it, it seems like it is a bit puffy under the head on the bottom side. When I am erect I can't just easily retract it like before. However as precum builds it is slowly able to retract and after a few minutes I'm able to retract it again back and forth like normal but it is still tighter than normal. Sorry for the long post. What can be going on? There is no pain or discomfort and when flaccid my penis looks the same as it always have, maybe a bit thicker (swollen?) but no discomfort at all.


Sometimes the foreskin becomes edematous after sexual activity. If that is the case, then the swelling should go down in about 24 hours.