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I had bunion surgery on both my feet on 28 July 2008.

The pain was unbearable and it is and was shocking as to how long the recovery time would take. I am home until 20 October, but up to this time the right foot is still unable to bend, i still get some pulling sensation in the foot.

Could you please advise what should i do for quicker healing process.

I have thought to myself if only i knew i would not have done that surgery, although i thought i was prepared physically, mentally and finanacially but it seems it is taking a tole on me.

Although i have a return date for work it seems i might not be able to make it for the date stipulated to me.

Awaiting your advise



It's been three months still you have foot pain? Normal recovery differs from person to person but at least on the second month post-op pain should be deminished or should have no pain at all. If I were you I'd consult another podiatrist to check if the operation was done correctly.

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Hello, I recently had a bunionoctomy on my right foot on 3/9. It went well, I was in pain for the first 24 hours. But after the second day the pain went away. I did have to stay off of my foot for 3 weeks. I had my stitches removed last wednesday, the scar is big but the bunion is gone. Today I returned back to work with a booton until Wednesday. I still can't walk that well, just slow like a turtle lol.