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Uh, I have a really annoying problem.
Makes me feel weird.
I have like, a rash underlying my pubic hair around penis.
Little red bumps, around the concave of thighs, the 'patch' where pubic hair mostly dominates above the penis head, etc.

Recently I trimmed/gently shaved off pubic hair to relieve/sanitize these areas as I felt the bumps may have been caused by sweat or something.
Did not really help.
Even though I used shaving cream and was careful, the shaving razor did make a few cuts down there (I'm assuming it cut open some of the red bumps).

Ugh, this is weird.
It's not really uncomfortable or anything, I just think it looks weird.

Currently I'm treating it with a steady soaping and topical acne cream (prescribed by doctor for facial acne)
I'm hoping it will go away soon
Is this serious?


Update: Uh, the supposed 'rash' is now stinging and burning after I walk around for a while!

Eeks, painful as bloody hell!

Help is needed!


I dont think you should use soap and acne cream on the bumps. You will just irritate them more. You might however need an antibiotic cream and air. Let your bumps air out and then apply cream to cure up any small infections. If it is "shaving" bumps, they need to dry up, but if it is something else, you might want to make an appointment so a doctor can perscribe you the right ointment. So see if that works.Ok, sorry and good luck