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For about the last week or so, I've had a mild itch on the underside of my penis and now the scrotum. I also have had slight itching on my inner thighs. Very briefly I had small raised bumps in between my index and second finger. In the past, I've had extreme itching in my fingers that lead to "weeping" orange pus, but that did not happen this time.

I cannot say that there are "bumps" on either the penis or the scrotum. It's more like just red areas or small, tiny blotches. Some of them are larger than others. The penis and scrotum do look and feel slightly "swollen", larger than normal. My inner thighs do itch slightly, but I avoid trying to itch them, so the are just slightly pinkish. One other note: the head of the penis really does not have _any_ irritation or redness at all.

This first occurred after having intercourse with my girlfriend using a condom. After using it I realized the condom had "expired" in 2008. She also was using spermicide. I have no idea if perhaps I was allergic to one or both of those. I do also remember that I possibly used her towel instead of mine by accident. It's also possible that I either did not wash soon enough and/or irritated my penis with a towel cleaning it off. My girlfriend did also experience itchiness in her vagina for a couple days, but it is gone now.

I've applied some Cortizone which seems to be reducing the itching, but not for a very long period of time.

If anyone has any ideas what this could be or what I could do, please let me know.

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STD srry thats all i can think of
go 2 this site and see if any of those is what u have and call a doctor either way

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I should like to hear more feedback on this post as I have currently a very similar problem. Scott, may I ask how you got along?