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for about last 2-3 weeks,ive noticed the same small reddish-purple bump that wont go away...ive actually squeezed it and have gotten and whitish-clear fluid out but it still hasnt gone away.whenm i first noticed it,it was a bit itchy for 2-4 days after noticing it but isnt bothersome anymore...its just there.does anyone know or help me find out what this could be?


I agree that it is special problem and nobody wants to get it. Actually I had also bump on scrotum when I was in high school. At the beginning I did not want to go to the doctor, but after few days I changed my mind and doctor told me that it is not anything dangerous. I think that in your case it could be some pimple or something like that but you should visit doctor because it could be inflamed hair and treatment would be different, so do not hesitate and visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Good luck!