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I had a right hip replacement in Dec. of 2008. The operation was successful according to the x-rays
except I now am experiencing numbness & and pain around the incision, numbness down the outer
side of the right leg to the knee,  and the right little toe won't move on its own.  The hip looks great
but I do have to wear a lift to balance my body. I am not sure if this will go away even though I am
exercising.  The numbness occurs when I am standing for a while and goes away when I sit down.
Any suggestions?  One doctor said I might have to get a nerve test done but not sure if this would
help the numbness.


I had new left hip Nov. 2012 and the outside of my hip is numb too and I have extreme pain in my left thigh all the way to my knee.  For 2 months I couldn't raise my left leg at all, after some physical therapy I can raise my leg a little more.  But no one has been able to tell me when the pain and numbness will go away.