hello I do hope you can help me. Following a ct scan of my bowel i was found to have a shadow in the bladder. Having consulted a urologist ,he did a resection of my bladder. A polyp was removed through the urethra, was about the size of a 20 cent coin and was non-malignant. It all sounds good, but 2 days after the surgery I began to bleed which resulted in my going into retention, which meant 5 days back in hospital with catheters and washes. This was such a horrible experience that I now wonder how much of this was necessary. I,m also expected to go back in three months to the doctor for a cystography. and of course I don't want to.
My question is how dangerous are these polyps? Is it necessary, now that I know it was malignant to do anything further? Can I just leave it until symptoms do develop? I had had no symptoms except some changes in bowel habits including bleeding and pain. My bowel was clear. Could the polyp in the bladder have caused pain in the bowel?
My problem also is being 64 years of age and having had a history of quite serious heart disease I was on aspirin hence I think the bleeding