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I want to develop myself proportionally and i have been exercsising ( push ups ) and riding my bike lately. I don't want to make a big contrast between my legs and upper body.  

What is the best ratio between riding bike and working on my upper body? 



Good question. It depends on your exercise plan; I will assume you work out 3 times a week.

To get a proper ration of your legs and upper body i suggest that you work on your upper body 3 times a week and 2 times on your legs ( riding bike)

Riding a bike in this case acts like a cardio as well, so that is great.

So Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Upper body and Tuesday Thursday - Riding bike. 

This way you get some rest in between the workouts so your muscles can grow at that time. And you have a free weekend to enjoy.

Sequentially you could workout on the weekend as well, so Saturday would be riding a bike  and Sunday upper body work out