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Hi..will try to make this simple.

1. felt a mass or lump in testicle along with enlarged "veins" or tube
2. have sporadic tingling/burning (mild but constant) in left leg
3. latest sympton sometimes "cold" right hand which seems to trmble slightly when i make a tight fist or close my hand slowly

^ saw a blood work is free of infections and have an upcoming ultra sound for testicle.

Problem is....the symptons i have ranges from "anxiety" (which i certainly have lately) to blood clots to pinched nerve to MS ...

so i wory myself sick and dont want to go to doc about every little paranoid sympton...

well...any help..advice beside "see your doc" will elp


i am a male 20 year old, i am super physical during the week, do tons of crunches, sit ups, side crunches, push ups, and go to the gym DAILY. I think i have anxiety because when i go to bed i often feel as if im going to die (usually sunday nights are alot worse after ive had a hard friday and saturday night of partying/drinking). I always worry a lot and think everyone revolves around me, like everyone knows who I am or something. my hands are always cold as well as my feet, and im always super pissed off when I wake up in the mornings.


whats going on with me?