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Words cannot express how i felt after undergoing 6 months on totally strict schedule on Roaccutane. 6 months has passed, and everytime i see my face in the mirror, i realised that it's worth it. Last time, i actually felt pity for the mirror and myself. But right now, i realised that i should have taken it a long time back. What's left are the damn scars on my face. The scars were those disastrous efforts of scratching, feeling, pressing and god knows misery and pain i've ever been through. Trust me, i've tried everything from Tetracycline, doxycycline, expensive facials, tonnes of creams, toner and moisturizers but none did any good. Only one... i can safely and honestly express myself to tell all those moon faced vigilantes out there who are considering to commit suicide anytime soon ... think no more, take Roaccutane. Just remember an important principle... never go off the schedule, if the doctor tells u to take one a day, make sure you do it and don't cheat. If you take it consistently everyday and instructed without missing a dose or cheating, i can almost guarantee you will see a clear face. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and might as well settle with that zombie like look to qualify for a role in Resident Evil V. Anyway, i just like to tell you that Roaccutane is the only way to look and most importantly, feel good if everything else fails. Go for it, don't wait till your face scars... cause scars is tough...or should i say... impossible to get rid of...
Common side effects : Dry lips - ways to overcome - carry a lip balm
Another common side effect: Exercise/stamina decrease - take roaccutane after you exercise (at least 10 hours) before. Because if you take it during or less than 8 hours before exercise, you will be dead. Trust me cause i'm an athlete.
Multi-vitamins - take multivitamins 8-10 hours before Roaccutane

Follow the above and you will be a hero soon. Thanks!
Signing off - WillK


you would be dead if taking it beofre exercise? Is that really true as I have being doing it for the last 4 months ??