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I had a Robotic Hysterectomy in February 2012. I kept my ovaries. I have to admit that the surgery and recovery were "tons" better than I ever thought! I spent one night in the hospital and with my pain pump I was comfy. The next morning the nurses took my catheter out and I was up on my feet for the first time. The first 48 hours was the most tender but not unbearable. I think the most uncomfortable thing for me was all the air in my body. Once that subsided...much better! I have 4 tiny incisions in my tummy that are hardly noticable. I hope this helps the women who are facing this surgery soon.


Thanks so much for posting a positive outcome.  I have my surgery on November 14th 2012 & after reading some of the reviews I am scared to death.  I hope my outcome is as good as yours!!