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I've been working out since about Thanksgiving. The program is a whole-body workout twice a week. It says to increase the weight you lift with upper body 5% each week, and 10% for lower body. Does that sound right?


IMHO, it seems like you might be pushing additional weight too fast according to that plan.

I too perform a full body workout every other day. I do three sets:
1. Half weight (12 - 15 reps) - think warmup.
2. Full weight (12 reps)
3. Full weight plus 5-10% (if 12 reps are reached on set 2).

If you stay the same weight for 2nd set for 3 - 5 straight workouts, they you probably want to bump up 5 or 10lbs. It still takes my body 5 - 6 workouts to adapt to new exercises, routines. Your milage may vary.

Keeping a log is a cool way to track how far you have come.... It is amazing how much more I can lift now versus 4 months ago.