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Im 15 and I recently found out my uncle could die within 12 months due to a disease that cant be cured, where your lungs slowly collapse. Im the only one in the whole family he has told and Im really scared. He has been the only one thats really ever been there for me going through a rougher than normal and unstable childhood and a very rough and hard time/s during the end of primary and first 2-3 years of highschool. He is the only person I have ever been able to say anything and everything to and he wont judge me and Im not scared of telling him anything.... the only reason I havent said any of this to him is it might hurt him.
Im so so scared that Im not going to be able to cope..I allready feel like I just want to break down, curl up and cry and never leave my calm, secluded and safe bedroom ever again.
and dont tell me some airy fairy thing like let a ballon go and watch it rise into the sky and send your greivances or worries with it c**p because

1. Iv tried it with past stresses and worries
and 2. it doesnt work anyway.

Please dont say something like Im kidding myself or that Im overexagerating it because Im a troubled teen, because Im not, I grew up being juggled day by day between my divorced parents (since I was 4), I have numerous step brothers and sisters from both sides and my family has never been particularly well off. I have all my life been a bit of a loner and have never fit in with common people. These days a strive to alienate myself from those who I would rather not be associated with (which is a bad habit I know because it just causes other people to stay away from me but its become pretty natural)

What can I do? its not like I can spend as much time as possible with him because he lives awhile away and I have parents and school holding me back from just jumping on the train for 3 hours to go and see him.
so I ask you this question.

How will I cope when the only person in my life that has ever believed in me or thats just been there to support me is gone? How will I cope when the only constant thing thats ever really been in my life suddenly isnt there anymore?


You are going to hate hearing this but: it gets better.
I no lots of people say that but i know, my great grandma died two years ago and she was the only person i could talk to because she wouldnt judge me and she would stay calm. She went into hospital and i was told she was going to die and it felt like my world had fallen apart because she was the only person in the entire world i could talk to abd she would always be there for me no matter what and when she died i felt i couldnt cope either and i just bottled up all my problems which only made things worse. But then over time things calmed down and i started to find other people i cpuld confide in. I know that no one will ever come close to your uncle but you will find a way to cope and time will help you heal. And i think maybe you should talk to your grandad about letting the rest of your family know about his condition, because that is an heavy weight on your shoulder and also they deserve to know so that if the worse comes to the worse they can prepare themselves because my great grandma died very suddenly and the shock was almost as bad as the pain itself. Im so sorry that you have to go through this.


have you got a friend you could tell all this to? they might be able to make it abit easier, i know it is hard, i've been through it, my uncle died suddenly 3 years ago, i didnt think there was anyway id be able to cope but i have done, it does get much easier, but i agree, you need to talk to him about telling the rest of the family, the need to know,