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I read every post on bumps and lumps on this site and elsewhere and couldn't find one that sums up my condition.

I have had this condition for about 14 years, I guess since puberty. I'm 28 now. There is at least 50 of these bumps. Three of them are the size of peas, there is about 12 more half that size. Then there are small ones you can only see when you stretch the skin, at least 30 of those. All sizes vary in colour from white to skin colour. They don't hurt to the touch or even when squeezed. The big ones can't be popped. Some of the medium ones can be popped a little bit and just about all the small ones can be popped. When they're popped thick white stuff comes out, never any clear liquid or blood. The same small ones can be popped ever day or so. Some of them come and go, some of them have been there forever. Some of them stay small, some of them get bigger then stay big, or get smaller and go away or just shrink and stay smaller. Some of them are clustered together. None of them have hair comming out of them. There are also lots of little tiny tiny ones on the underside of my penis but they never grow in size and the only way to see them there is to stretch the skin tight and look real close. They are nowhere else on my body.

I guess that sums it up, lol. I've never had them looked at because there is never any pain or discomfort. I would just be intrested to know what this condition is called specifically, to fulfill my curiosity.



They are Sebaceous cysts. Mostly just a cosmetic problem.


Treat with heat baby. Warm baths, rags, hot water bottle, hot tub, ect.