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Any responses will be very much appreciated! I have about 15 small pimple like bumps in my genital area(scrotum, pubic area, inner thighs). They have been around about 1.5 weeks. They slightly itch and when I've popped them they don't seem to pop like normal pimples would. I've made extra sure to clean frequently in the area recently. Does anybody have an idea what this is?!? I'm worried this may be herpes!by the way there's none on my penis and only on the sides of my scrotum and not clustered together all have space between them. Thanks again for any helpful responses.


haha .
usually those appear from Shaving .
the skin in those areas is highly sensitive, on both girls and boys .

if you haven't shaved, and it DIRECTLY on your penis, that often happens naturally .
my boyfriend has little bumps, from masturbating for a while .

If you don't believe it's either of those, then I'd get a docter's opinion .
I've never seen actual herpes in real life, so I couldn't tell you if it's that or not, but it could be serious .