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I’m 19 years old and having crooked nose. I just want to get rid of that one. One of my friends suggested to do rhinoplasty. But the problem here is I’m an asthmatic patient. I have gone for an analysis to do rhinoplasty in Toronto </a>and the doctor is pretty confident to carry it out successfully. But I’m worried about my condition. Has anyone had asthma and underwent rhinoplasty? Should I give prior to asthma problem or crooked nose? Any comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.


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It is may be caused by injury to the nose and face during growth. And you are the asthmatic patient also. So first can take these medicines "Ventorlin CFC Free Inhaler, Ventorlin, Ventorlin, Triohale, Tiova Rotacaps with Rotahaler" after completion of two or three month you can do rhinoplasty.

*Note- Consult your doctor before you take.