I had the Mirena in since the 9th of July.  I have noticed significant changes in my body,  I sweat like crazy!! I used to be able to use the cheap suave deodorant, and now I have to use a clinical strength to control my sweating.  It's embarrassing beyond belief! I used to be a makeup optional person, whenever I felt like feeling cuter, now I have to wear makeup/ concealer to cover up these horrible breakouts on my cheeks, and chin, and forehead.  It's pretty bad, and they scar so badly.  I've tried so many things from, acne salycic acid facial cleansers, exfoliates, brushes, witch hazel for swelling, it's almost like an allergic reaction.  They appear all over my face.  It makes me really self-conscious.  I didn't notice it myself, but my friends, and boyfriend pointed out how evil my attitude was?? I since have had it removed, and my gyn prescribed an antibiotic, my face is really not improving, and the scarring is horrible.  I just started using this Rite Aid brand exfoliating brush kit in hopes that it will remove some of the scarring and dead skin.  In the meantime...I wait...impatiently ;( Any advice on what might help would be appreciated <3