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I am developping sinusitis. I already have occasional rhinitis. I suspect my initial action will be to remove any infection coming from a root canal in my mouth, but could the problem yet be coming from a lack of iodine or a development from candida....

A relevant symptom - hopefully - was toothache about six months ago. X- rays showed no sign of infection. I had already had root canals established in order to replace a couple of molars - I subsequently developped rigid 'tendon' material from behind the cheekbones down to the upper teeth. I had also developped a cyst in the mouth which provided a modest outlet for sinus fluids. An endodontist proposed to clean out the base of my root canal. I rejected this work because I was uncertain about the 'root cause' of the problem. For all I knew the cause could have been an improved postural alignment between back and front muscle chains. I took plenty of CO Q10 and loads of good antioxidants, and sure enough, the toothache was only temporary.

A recent exposure to cold temperatures triggered the signs of a cold which is taking too long to clear. The cold is taking the form of coloured phlegm in the throat, an occasional sore throat, and an occasional cough. Not much mucus in the nose. Plus the creation of another outlet for the sinuses in my mouth (on the same side as the cyst), and an occasional feeling that various sinuses are 'blocked'.

I am now trying to 'drain' excess sinus fluid through the usual channels by applying topical treatments around the eyes, temples, and lower forehead. Singing is also giving the sinuses a bit of exercise. There remains a brief period during which I might identify the source of the problem, so I'm thinking of getting myself to a good doctor soon.

I'd be glad to get your take on this.


Your root canals could be the source. Weston Price who developed the root canal later regretted doing so because what happens is that if the tooth is not properly cleared of all stuff and it is easy to miss because everyone's teeth are different, some having more channels than others, bacteria and other matter if trapped in the root and under the cap survive and become anaerobic--that is live without oxygen and can become toxic to the body.

I knew of a man who was about to get a root canal and I counseled against it because of what I read. He was dead set on it until he talked to a coworker who had had a low grade infection--source unidentifiable--in his body for several years which was causing all kinds of symptoms such as swollen glands in the neck, as well as symptoms further away in his body.

They isolated it to bacteria which were in the root canal and which were causing the problem with his health. Once they took out the tooth the problem resolved itself.

A dentist I know who does not believe in root canals, confirmed that this can be a problem. He cured someone of arthritis by removing their teeth that had the root canals. The person reported this to him later that the arthritis that had plagued her for years cleared up within a week of the root canals. I am certain this is more than coincidence.

Check out Dr. Mercola.