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I'm new to this forum. I would like to say, this is a great forum and theres countless of info here.
I had this rash since I was 6-7 years old. I am 20 now and I still have it. I went to a lot of doctors when I was younger but none of there creams worked for me. Would anyone know what I have and what could I do for it to get better. The rash is on teh softer area's on my skin. ex: inner thighs, lower back, pretty much between big muscles.


It is really hard to say since there could be numbers of causes. I think that seeing one dermatologist is much better than seeing a couple of them, since this one can follow you and would know what things have been done and tried in order to find the cause and possibly solve it.
Have you been found to be allergic to a specific food? You may even be allergic to certain foods and not even know it. Did you have any tests?

When there are toxins in the body, they could be deposited in the skin and left to sweat glands to take care of them. This condition could lead to inflammatory skin conditions and frequent episodes of redness and itching.
Maybe you should work with a dermatologist in finding a cause of your rashes and not just try to treat them.