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Hi ive recently been on the slim fast diet, ive lost a stone in 6 weeks but im hungry all the time so i thought about switching to the atkins but im just worried i will end up gaining weight rather than lose any because my body isnt used to food. Ive been having 2 slim fast shakes a day a then a salad for tea. Does anybody have any advice ?


Hello xxloopyxlauraxx,

I'm well aware of the slim fast diet and the Atkins.  So you have lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks on slim fast.  Well you could have lost 15 pounds in two weeks on Atkins.  The Atkins diet won't leave you hungry.  You can eat a lot of meat but of course very little veggies and fruit at least initially.  You have to keep your sugar count below 13 grams to put your self in ketosis which usually occurs withing 2 days.  You can have some bread but it should be whole wheat and low carb.  After the two week period you can gradually add carbs back in and find out how many carbs you can take in daily without gaining weight.  This is a great way to determine how many carbs are good for maintiaining a health weight.