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does anyone else smell like onions down below when they eat them i also get itchy and sore.


Hi Illy: Virtually all of our body excreations can smell like what we have ingested. That includes urine, vaginal discharge, ejaculate etc. ESPECIALLY the pungeant ones such as Onions, Garlic, and Curry.

Onions and garlic contain sulfur. So it sounds like you are having some sort of reaction too them. If you think about when you cut an onion your eyes water, this will be the same for you "down there" it irritates your mucuos membranes. So the only thing I can think of is to stop eating onions. I know that there are onions with very little sulfur in them and some you can eat like an apple o.O o.O

Also I just reread your post, IF you mean that it just smells like onions down there, I think you have a yeast infection - thus the smell and the itchy and sore. You need to get a box of 7 day yeast infection medicine - Monistat etc. Use it ALL, don't stop when you get rid of it. And keep the area clean and cool. Wear cotton underwear, use non scented LIQUID detergent, as eco friendly as possible. Don't wear tight clothes, and let the area breathe. Yeast is a sneaky one, if there is a warm damp place too set up camp it invites ALL of it's buddies who text their friends and so on!!!!! ;-) XD ;-) 8-| So either way I hope this helps!