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I'm 16 and i've had my period since I was 12. I've been to gyno's regularly and everything. Well in the last 6 months I've been getting a very light discharge and very strong odor(can't explain what its like...its not fishy or anything just gross) in between periods. My periods smell but it smells like blood basically and no discharge. I've always kept clean and I let the vagina do its natural course of cleaning but the smell won't go away and I feel like other people can smell it when i'm in a bathing suit and stuff like that. Is there anything I can do to stop the smell and discharge?


I would go see a Dr to rule out an infection.

If there isn't one, just know that if you bathe once a day, and you can still smell the odor, you are probably the only one. Just be sure to have an infection ruled out. Sometimes we can have infections with no discomfort.

I wouldn't douche, your body cleans itself just fine and douches may iritate.

Good lcuk, hope this helps