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Im on day 10 and want to know if I can smoke a cig tonight... I smoked weed last night and my throat was sore but didnt bleed... I just really want a cigarette.. haha do you think it's okay to go for it? if not how long should I wait?


I would advise you wait until the tissue is healed all the way and when you are to the point you are eating regular food.  You don't want to compromise any of the healing by smoking too soon.  Perhaps you may think about quitting at this point?  You are already in day 10 so you have a good start right now.  You can purchase some patches after your tonsillectomy heals up and begin a smoking cessation program.  Just think of all the money you will save and have for other things.  It would be an good opportunity to try it, so at least think about it :)