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Hey....I have had a tight foreskin over the past few years without even realising it until I came across this site. Im only 15 but I started using techniques people told me and after a week of foreskin stretching 5-6 times daily, I can get my foreskin right down and just over the sides of my head while erect, and easily pull it right past the foreskin when not erect.

I have a question. How far should my foreskin actually be going for me to be having comfortable sex?

I would hate to do it for my first time and having it being really uncomfortable due to my foreskin not going back properly.

I always thought I had a short frenulum, but I just proved myself wrong when I got my foreskin past the head on my erect penis (Which is about 7")

PS. I was getting very confused and depressed thinking I had all these conditions like phismosis, then a short frenulum etc....Im still a bit confused but its very reasurring if my foreskin can go that far back (The frenulum is still quite stretched but it should be like that, right?)


I think you're normal. Just keep up with whatever you're doing as long as it doesn't cause you pain or discomfort. I would say if you get get it over the head when erect then you're right where you should be.


Thanks for the reply....

I can only just get it over the head, and my frenulum is pulling a bit then. When its unerect I can pull it all the way down until my frenulum gets too tight (Right down past the head)


I would keep stretching, but be careful, the frenulum can tear and it really sucks when it does. Tearing would be really unlikely if you were masturbating, but it's happened to me during sex when she wasn't lubed up enough and she was on top and sat down too quickly. I would say to not hold back sex on it. Just make sure you start out on top and that you put it in at your own pace. (also, girls give terrible hand-jobs, if that's all that she wants to do, just forget it, it's not worth the risk. just have her cup the balls or something while you do the dirty work)

I started out like you and now can pull the foreskin well back behind the head (like 1/2 - 3/4 of an inch), but the frenulum is definitely what holds it back from going farther back.

here's my whole story:
I'm uncircumcised. When I started having sex (at 16) I had never retracted my foreskin. I had to use lubricant so that the friction would not cause the foreskin to painfully retract from the friction. With regular sex, the foreskin slowly stretched until it was able to fully retract.

Years later, a bad attempt at a hand job fully retracted the foreskin, and then some, and my frenulum tore, not completely, but to the point where it was fleshy, turning later to scabbed-over. I avoided strain on it for a short time until it healed. After that, I seemed to become predisposed to ripping the skin in the same spot during sex. I finally got frustrated and when it happened the last time, I forcefully (and quite painfully, as the frenulum was torn at the time) forced the foreskin to fully retract and kept it that way for more than a week until it seemed completely healed. After doing that, the foreskin was looser (a good thing) and I have had no more problems with tearing.

On a side note: After about 3 days of constant sensation from the head of my penis against my shorts, I got completely used to it and stopped noticing whether my foreskin was retracted or not. I did have the annoyance that the foreskin would tend to roll back over the head. I figured out how to stop this: after cleaning it in the shower, with the foreskin fully retracted (and the penis semi-erect), apply oral lubricant (read: hock a loogey) on the head of the penis/underside of the foreskin. Then work the foreskin on an off a couple times so that the foreskin glides nicely and tucks behind the head (instead of rolling back over it). Then just rinse off the excess and viola: a imitation circumcised penis (with a redder head and a slight bulge of skin just behind the head). Although, I'm testing a theory that the excess skin will disappear if not used, it has already seemed to shorten somewhat when I fully extend the foreskin over the head. (This is after 2-3 months of keeping the foreskin back almost every day.)

You may ask why I kept doing it. 2 reasons: For one thing, from what I'm told, it smells/tastes better for oral sex. For another, after urination, the amount of urine that sticks to the penis is reduced, lessening the chance of a wet spot in underwear.