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Hey, I'm 15 and have a few concerns about my penis.

I started masturbating when i was 10, I didnt start ejeculating untill i was 11, Since then i masturbate on a daily basis ( usually once a day ).

Now there's something i'm worried about, When i'm flaccid, I can retract my foreskin fully, expose behind the head and clean easily, Allthough my head(forgot technical term for it) does bend to 1 side when fully retracted due to the frenulum. But when i am erect, I can retract the foreskin over half way down the head, Exposing most but not quite to the bottom of the head, It's just way too tight to go past the base of the head, I'm not sure if this is normal or a problem, It seems that the frenulum is the thing stopping my foreskin from being able to retract below the head during erection. I don't have any tightness unless i tug on the foreskin but then my frenulum turns a white sort of color so i tend not to do that.

Another concern is that im having orgasm's way too quickly, i can get from flaccid to erect within seconds, And when i begin to masturbate i can usually ejeculate within a minute, It's not a forced ejeculation i can hold it, I just dont know of anyone who can do this as quick as i can and wondering it it's a concern.

Thanks for any help given, Much apreciated.



Hey Craig,

first of all, it's perfectly normal, all you gotta do is practice and over time your foreskin should be able to go back over the head of your penis while it's erect, if not, just see the doctor and he should be able to help you with methods or supply you with a cream. As for the ejaculation, if you can hold it back by itself without using your hand to hold it back, just keep practicing and you'll slowly increase the time that you can hold back before you ejaculate. Depends on what you want though, just a quick release or to make a record, learn control and you can do anything. :-D My record is about an hour.

Hope I've been of some help.



Wow, i didn't think it was normal that's a huge relief.

Thanks so much for your reply and i will just keep practising with it and see how it goes ! :-D