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Hello all,
When I sleep at night I feel there is something in my throat. Right now I have to keep on clearing my throat like there is something in it. It was much worse last year. There was times I felt I could not swallow.

For years I had a horrible cough and would even choke. Since I no longer drink milk that has ended.

I am supposed to get an endoscopy but I am afraid of the procedure. I know they tall me I will be asleep. I just don't want to choke. The doctor said he will not give me any numbing agent since that can cause more of a choking feeling.

I had my thyroid checked years ago and it was okay.

I am a 49 year old male. Does anyone know what this might be?



Nothing? I'm also getting a bit of a numbing type headache...


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healthy, im not sure what it could be but i will tell you that you WILL NOT CHOKE durring the endoscopy procedure and there will be doctors/nurses by your side so dont worry and i would also mention the headachs when you go for the procedure.

hope this help some.... good luck and keep us posted