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I used to shave my pubic region every few days but i stoped for a few months and decided to start again. when i went to shave i got the base area just under by belly button. after i few seconds i noticed a few little bumps on my skin (not on the penal shaft or scrotum) just on that base area.? what could these be. I am very sexualy active. but these don't itch don't really hurt they just scared the c**p outa me when i saw them. i was wondering if this could jsut be falliculitis and if i should just stop shaving?


Hello there,

In my opinion you have just irritated your skin. First of all when you are shaving this part of your body you really need to be careful to use clean and possibly new razor and some sort of gel or foam while you are doing this. And it is possible that you have been shaving your intimate area very harsh. And it is necessary after shaving to put something on just shaved area. The best remedy for this is baby powder.

Your irritation will disappear in a few days, and next time try to be more gentle with your intimate area or at least avoid shaving and start with waxing. I hope this was helpful.