I'm a healthy 25 year old female who has been suffering from hemorrhoids for several months. I've had what appears to be a large skin tag just outside my anus for as long as i can remember, but in the last few months I've had a lot of pain which was worsened by BM. My diet is very good and i drink a lot of water so i was skeptical that this was a hemorrhoid but thats what doctors said so i figured it was from lifting weights. When i first saw the surgeon she said it didnt look like a hemorrhoid and suspected i had an anal wart, which may or may not have been caused by hpv.. :-/ i was skeptical because its been there so long and didnt have that "cauliflower" appearance associated with warts. she said they'd run a pathology after removing it to find out what it actually was. i went to urgent care that evening for the pain and they said the surgeon's notes described it as an external hemorrhoid under a warty growth. That also made me wonder because it seems like such a coincidence to have both, especially in the same place. i had the procedure a week ago and apparently they "removed the external hemorrhoid and banded some internal ones" according to my mum, who spoke to the surgeon before we left. I hadnt known about the internal hemorrhoids but they had been referred to plurally so i suppose there were at least two, but I'm not sure what to make of the external one. She didnt mention anything to my mum about it possibly being a wart or doing the pathology, so I'm not sure of the status of that. i guess I'll find out when i go for the follow up. The recovery hasnt been so bad, I stayed on the narcotics so I didnt feel much pain, but it made me so constipated that I'm afraid i ruptured my suture line. The suture fell out on its own a few days ago so i thought i was healing well, but i had a look while trying to pass some hard stool and it just looked like the whole thing was hanging open. It looks like my anus just continues down another quarter inch or so, but its really where the suture had been. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it normal? Also, I have what appears to be a new external hemorrhoid at the top of my anus, its been there since the day of the procedure but was never there before. Is this normal?