I have read a few articles on this forum about sweating but none of them seem to match the symtpoms I have which is much like an intermittent problem with no direct cause. I am healthy, normal blood pressure, no obvious disorders, psychologically speaking I do have stressors occur occasionally but nothing that would cause undue worry to the point that I need to see a doctor. And yet I have this issue that I am hoping other forumites will help me to demistify.

SWEATING!! with a difference!
Symptoms - Obviously sweating, but when it occurs it is like I have just done a very intense workout. We are talking the kind of sweat as though someone has poured a bucket of water over my head.

What causes it - walking for a while and then stopping. Working out (obviously!), but then I take a shower (cold or hot) dry myself off and within 10 minutes it is like I need another shower. Job interviews (even when I do not feel nervous). It is almost like even though I rarely feel nervous about things in life my body crumbles even thought he situation is perfectly copable.

Where does the sweat start (in order of sweatiness) - back, forehead, chest, legs (yes legs to the point that it is visible on my trousers), arms, behind my ears, armpits ... and there ain't much left after this.

What helps - the only thing that helps is moving air, sometimes I go outside with a tee shirt on in gale force winds just to try and stop the sweating. I can go indoors where the temperature is the same but the air is still and I start to burn up again.

What is going on? Any help or advice will do?