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Hi, im 13 years old and i have a MAJOR sweating problem in my underarms. Whenever I'm around people, especially out and about and at school , i sweat so badly I have stains and smell!!!! I try to cover it up but it's terrible! I have been to the dermotologist and i tried Drysol- didn't work. And I'm another medication and it STILL isn't working. I can't hang out with my friends as much i would hope to because of my sweating. I get too nervous around others. I'm very self-concious and this has just brought my self esteme even lower- what should I do??


This happens to me as well! I'm an 12 year old girl. Mine is really bad as well. I'm sorry i can't help. It happens to my friend as well and she said when she started shaving her armpits it was much better. It didn't help me but you might as well try. Sorry i couldn't help. I just wear clothes with low armpit spaces and always stand with my hands on my hips. Good luck and down get to upset it happens to others as well!