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Swollen of submandibular gland at left side since 3 to 4 weeks while taking antibiotic 1000 mg a day from 8 dayz but it is reacting slowly there is no pain in this gland but i feel uncomfortable due to swollen part i concerned to my family doctor and ENT specialist he told it is infection and prescribed me antibiotic how long it will be there and wat do u think is this infection or what ? yeh i had a smoking history but not as a chain smoker.kindly suggest me on my email address if u can ********** or reply here plz m realy very tensed. while every thing is common my digestion my breathes my weight fever not at all

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If you have been checked by a doc and he said it is inflammation, then you should continue taking these antibiotics for as long as the doctor ordered and see what happens. Even if inflammation’s gone, glands may stay swollen for some time longer.
Did the doctor say what kind of infection it was? I understand this can be annoying but I reckon you should just calm down and finish with the course of antibiotics. If you don’t see any improvement, you should see the doc again.
If you think that this doctor’s not looking at the right direction, you can always get a second opinion and have yourself checked by another doctor. Good luck! I hope everything clears out real soon!