I usually don't pop my stupid pimples. My face used to have just a tina bumps. Therefore i just left it alone. But like 2 days ago..I noticed that i had a pimple bump under mu chin. And i haven't pop any pimples for along time. Like maybe 3years. But I said what the hell..and squeezed that bump..trying to pop it. Nothing happened. and left it alone. When i woke up the next morning..my chin was swollen like 2"s across. i thought it might b a blood clog..it sacred the hell out of me. Til i came here n realize that it had happened to other people. So now i am trying the way some of u have tried..to put warm towel on my chin. It still isn't going down. it seems to b spreading up my cheek now. So probably see a doc tomorrow. Em~ of TC