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Hello friends :)


My cats are perfectly healthy. I have three senior cats and two kittens.

I was feeding my senior cats with raw food. Nothing weird happened to them, they didn’t have any side – effects.

But I am having a lot of job lately so I can’t cook for all of them.

I was talking with my friends, she has 16 cats (yes – 16 :), and she told me that I can try wet food.

It is tasty and she believes that my cats will accept this food.

OK, but I want to know is wet food good solution for adult cats?



Hey dear.


Well, dry cat food has more protein than wet food for cats. Proteins are something that your cat needs even if she is adult.

That is why I don’t believe that wet food should be your primary option.

But wet food contains more water than dry food. Wet food is better in this case because your cat will always have enough water in her food and she will not dehydrate. Here are other things that you need to know about wet food:

  • It is more expensive than other food,
  • It has less energy dense than dry food,
  • It has about 80% of moisture content.



Heeeey :)

Don’t feed your cat with wet food only . That is my suggestion. Adult cats need combination of foods.

Cats that are older need diets that are really high in moisture, relatively high in meat protein and fat. This food should be balanced in minerals and nutrients.

Please do not feed your cat with some generic brands because they are low at price. They ingredients has to be low in quality.

I know that a lot of vets recommend you to feed your older cat with dry food.

And I would listen to them. There are a lot of reasons to feed your cat with dry food, not with wet food.





I have to agree with Millie – Cat.

When your cat is older she is a little bit picky when it comes about the food. Also she has to eat a lot of different but certain groceries. She needs to eat proteins, carbos and fats.


I think that wet food is Ok solution but it is not the best.

Dry food is much better option for your older cat.

With dry food she will get all nutrients that she needs and she will be healthy.


Sometimes it is not bad idea to mix those two brands but still if you want to make a choice – I don’t think that wet food is the right one :)



Hello everyone.

I hope that you are doing fine. I hope that your pets are fine also. This is a question that has a lot of answers.

Here is what I believe: A lot of people are buying dry food because it is cheaper. It is very easy to store it and you can leave it out all day.

But wet food helps in developing of strong muscles and bones. I am listening to my vet’s advice – I am giving both to my older cat but only a half of can of the wet food daily. Wet food is more expensive and I love when I see that my cat enjoys eating both of those foods. Consult with your vet about this topic whenever you can.



Hello. It is definitely a better solution than dry food. That is for sure. You should know that as your cat grows older feeding her can be a real challenge. For both of you.  Your cat’s nutritional needs may change upon reaching her senior status. If you are not sure what is the proper food for your senior cat you should consult your vet. But I can give you a few advice because you might need them. You can try wet food but you might notice that your cat is losing her appetite. You should not be worried because it is not about the food. It is because she is getting older and it gets very hard to satisfy her needs immediately. It is a challenge.