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im 14 year old uncircumcised, and a virgin. Lately the skin on my glans (head of penis) has been peeling off. i clean it most days and i don't know what to do. is this normal? so the other day i took off all the skin which was peeling and the my glans became very insensitive i woke up the next morning and they were sensitive again but had started to peel again:/ i am afraid to talk to my parents about going to see a doctor or  speaking to the about my penis. do anyone know what this is and is this normal ? 




Have you applied any thing to your penis that might cause the skin to peel? 

Skin grows from the bottom and the top layer flakes off and is removed from the body. The white dust under the bed is exfoliated skin. The smegma that accumulates under the foreskin is exfoliated skin. Mostly, the skin flakes off in tiny pieces but sometimes it peels. 

If you have no other symptoms, you probably have nothing to worry about.