For a few years now, every so often I'll get this ticklish pain in the right side of my stomach. It's almost as if it's a small ticklish line of pain running right across to my navel, then my navel will hurt and it will go away. At other times, my navel will hurt and it will go away. Sometimes it'll happen on my left side only lower by my hip over a small expanse and then it'll go away.

Recently, I've been getting sick of it happening and I've been going through natural alternatives to what it could be; colon cleanse, etc. I don't have a fever, or any kind of extreme symptom besides the pain. It's not tender or hurts when I touch it. With the exception of recently feeling a little nauseous in the morning but I think that's from the natural alternatives.

Does anyone else have this problem? Does anyone else know what it is?

(btw, I'm not sexually active, therefore I'm not pregnant. Unless it's the second coming of Christ. lol)