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Sleep plays an important role for maintaining your health. It necessary to take good rest for body to keep energy level.  Lack of sleep can cause adverse effect on mind as well as body.

It is important to sleep in proper direction. Avoid sleeping in south-north direction.

The place where you are sleeping should be comfortable and clean. You must maintain good atmosphere at that place. You should sleep in a silent place. Avoid setting your T.V in bedroom. There should be good supply of fresh and open air.

Don’t sleep when your brain is excited. Keep your mind calm, tension free at the time of sleeping. Avoid drinking, reading at the time of sleep.

Take help of Yoga and Meditation to keep your mind stress free. The Asanas such as Vajrasana is best before going to sleep really help.

Take sleep for at least 7-8 hours in day. Avoid sleeping in the day. Night sleep is beneficial for body .Sleeping at day time can cause adverse effect on body also it can lead to sleepless night.

Therefore always try to take a proper and sound sleep in order to keep you body function activated. 


Thankx lisa for sharing