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Hey everyone, I'm hoping someone can give me a little peace of mind, Im worring myself to death over this & it's sending my anxiety into over drive!

About a week ago, I had a very strong eyelid spasm on my left eye (not sure if this is related, but I have been under a lot of stress lately), & the following day I started feeling a 'fullness' in my left ear, along with pressure on my jaw. Then suddenly I experienced a bubbling sensation (Best way I can describe it) about an inch above my left ear and at the same time I felt like my jaw spasmed. Like it pulled to the side slightly. It lasted on and off all day & then the following day I experienced it for around 30 min. There was a period of 3 days where I didn't feel anything, then today it started & has once lasted all day :/

From what I've read, it seems like it fits the description of TMJ, but looking back it seems to only strike when Im really stressed or tired. I also have been experiencing small facial twitches (randomly) when I'm stressed or when I'm worried about having another facial twitch lol

For years I've experienced jaw pain on & off, and also the occasional popping or cracking noise, but the spasms have just recently started & I'm losing sleep over worrying about it. :/

I mentioned having spasms above my ear to my doctor & she looked at me like I was slightly nuts & asked if it was currently bothering me (at the time it wasn't) I said no & she just dismissed it. 


any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!




Hi Jessica,

I have TMJ and have had for years.  Sometimes it kicks up and other times it doesn't happen.  Stress can have a lot to do with it.  Sometimes you can tense that jaw area under stress and the muscle becomes tired in a way.  Sometimes the jaw will misalign itself and you will sense a poping or click.  A lot of people have this problem.  I have found that most of the tension is caused when I sleep particularly when I sleep on my side.  Then, the jaw really misaligns.  What I  have found is that it helps is to sleep on my back with two pillows under my head.  This allows for my jaw to align properly and my teeth are not clenched but relaxed.  When I get up in the morning my whole mouth is aligned the way it should be and I have no poping or pain.  I have experienced pain shooting up the side of my face as well as pain around and above my ear with TMJ as well.  Something else you might consider is getting a teeth guard and where that at night.  This helps to keep the mouth aligned as well.