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About 7 yrs ago when I had my daughter by csection I also had the doctor do a tubal. I've been wondering latley if there is a chance that I could be pregnant I'm feeling the same way that I had yrs ago when I had my other children but I didn't want to get test if the likelhood is low and get my hopes possibly up. I'm 28 almost 29 now when I had this done I was 21. Is there a chance?


What kind of tubal did you have done? Cut and tied, cut and burned, or all three? If you did not have all three your chance of an ectopic pregnancy goes up. Although the possibility is small some women have experienced pregnancy after a tubal. There have been studies done that show some womens tubes have come untied and grew back together making it possible to get pregnant. In those cases they did not get them burnt. If the doctor only tied one side (ovaries side) then its possible to have his sperm swim out of the tube and around to your ovary fertilizing an egg causing an ectopic pregnancy. Now that is very rare and only happens when the doctor does not completely do the procedure. Have you taken a pregnancy test? Sometimes when you take a pregnancy test and see the negative it will make any symptoms your having go away. If you start experiencing pain you should see your doctor right away. Good Luck